925 Sterling Silver Round Setting 10 mm Bezel Cups Stud Earrings with Post & Butterfly Backs, 4 Pcs (2 Pairs)

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High quality 4 pcs (2 pairs) round setting 10 mm sterling silver bezel cups post earrings. 925 Sterling Silver bezel cups stud earrings with post & butterfly backs that provide an easy way to set your stones and get professional-looking results. Great to use for your stud earrings creations. These bezel cups are to be used with 10 mm round stones. PLEASE NOTE: these mountings are precision made for stones measuring exactly 10 mm in size. Please check your stone size to make sure that they are not larger than 10 mm in size before buying this product.

Dimension: 10 mm inside diameter, 1.8 mm wall height. The nickel and lead free Silver post measures 11 x 0.08 mm in size.